for mum and baby

imagine being able to prepare your baby’s bottle in seconds with filtered purified water at the perfect temperature

the safest and most convenient choice in home water filter systems for babies

water filter & purifier system

BIBO uses the latest technology in water filtration and purification. The 1.0 micron carbon block filtration system removes impurities and the UV lamp is highly effective in eliminating microorganisms. A continuous boiling cycle ensures water is well sterilised.

preset temperatures and volumes

Program your BIBO for the exact temperature and volume you require. No more waiting for water to boil or cool down in the small hours of the night. Simply press a button to fill baby’s bottle at the ideal temperature and quantity. BIBO is the perfect solution for both for you and your baby.

standout features

preset volumes
preset temperatures
child lock features
unlimited supply of pure water

Standout Features

Preset Volumes
Preset Temperatures
Child Lock Features
Unlimited supply of pure water
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