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Sep 15, 2016 | for home, for office, general, water quality

it is time for a new way to think about filtered water

At BIBO Australia we are dedicated to providing Australian’s with a healthy and convenient source of chilled or piping hot, clean, pure, refreshing, filtered water on tap. We want to make life a little simpler, easier, and healthier for busy Australian’s on the go by giving them a stylish and innovative water dispenser to meet all their drinking water needs.

Whether you need a home water filter or an office water dispenser, BIBO Australia is a great alternative to traditional water coolers, bottled water and undersink boiler/chillers. BIBO Water Australia replaces them all with a high tech and stylish benchtop water dispenser that plumbs easily into the mains water to ensure a never ending supply of the highest quality filtered, purified, chilled and boiled water.

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