MKR kitchen is heating up

Feb 12, 2018 | for home, general, TV & media

The Russians are definitely going to keep us entertained during this season’s My Kitchen Rules #MKR. We definitely think they’ll need filtering, purifying and cooling down! The “red hot” BIBO water bar is definitely the one for the Russians!

The BIBO water bar in “red hot” conveys strength, leadership and courage. It is associated with willpower and determination as well as passion and desire, I think we are going to be seeing all of these over the next few weeks!

If you are a red hot personality then the BIBO water bar in “red hot” is the one for you.

My Kitchen Rules is on every Monday, make sure you stay cool in your kitchen with constant chilled, filtered, purified water from the BIBO Water Bar range and check out your colour personality now.

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