save $100 + get 2 free water bottles with BIBO's summer special offer

save $100 + get 2 free water bottles with BIBO's summer special offer

Summer is just around the corner and with the mercury on the rise, there could not be a better time for this exciting Summer Special discount offer from BIBO! Yes, that's right! Order your BIBO water bar now and you'll save yourself a cool $100. That's a hundred bucks to spend as you wish to help make your summer go with a swing and makes the BIBO water bar an even more economical option.

What's more, this Summer Special discount offer means you'll get two FREE BIBO water bottles to help you make the most of your BIBO water bar throughout the hot weather and beyond.


how to get the Summer Special discount offer

All you have to do to access our Summer Special discount offer is to add this discount code at the time of purchase: summerBIBO. That's it! Could it be more simple?
Just think of all the wonderful summer drinks you can make with BIBO's chilled water on tap – from a long drink flavoured with juicy limes and cool mint (see the picture to check out how mouth-watering this easy idea is), to fruity iced teas made with herbal teabags and your choice of fresh fruit; the options are endless.

stay hydrated all summer long

We all know we don't drink nearly enough to stay properly hydrated so the easier we can make it for ourselves the better. And that's exactly where the BIBO water bar comes in. Providing filtered, purified, chilled, hot or boiling water in an instant, it's convenient and eco-friendly (no more buying water in plastic bottles when you're out and about), plus there are 10 stunning colours to choose from so it’s a stylish addition to any kitchen.


no more nasties in your water

Although the BIBO water bar provides purified and filtered water, it's no good if you then use it to fill a plastic water bottle. There's plenty of evidence to suggest that plastic water bottles leach chemicals into water; chemicals which you'd really rather not be drinking. Fortunately, BIBO comes to the rescue there too with its range of stylish, glass water bottles which come in a range of vibrant colours. Buy them here, unless of course you're going to make the most of summer by using the BIBO Summer Special discount offer which saves you $100 and gets you two FREE BIBO water bottles.

It's a win-win situation and will see you set for summer!

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