safe water solution for bottle fed babies

safe water solution for bottle fed babies

Healthy, pure and fresh water is a must for babies and toddlers.

It’s vital to remove the potential nasties from your tap water to protect your little ones.

But if you’re like me and are sick and tired of waiting for tap water to boil – here’s the perfect solution – it’s called BIBO.

With a BIBO filtered water dispenser there is no more waiting for water to boil or cool down when preparing your baby’s bottle.

It’s a lifesaver when baby wakes for those late night and early morning feeds. You simply press a button to fill baby’s bottle at the ideal pre-set temperature and perfect measure.

Featuring the latest technology to filter and purify your tap water to the highest standards,
BIBO is the safest choice in home water filter system for babies.

harmful bacteria

It removes all the harmful bacteria from tap-water, including micro-organisms, cysts and impurities such as lead and copper, which are potentially harmful to babies and toddlers.

Built-in UV lamp technology along with the continuous boiling cycle ensures water is well-sterilised.

BIBO boasts user-friendly touch screen technology and comes with built-in child locks for added safety.

With a BIBO water purifier you can say Bye Bye to your kettle and Bye Bye to the filter jug and Bye Bye to wasting precious time when preparing baby bottles in the wee small hours.

Water from BIBO is crystal clear, refreshing, healthy, and tastes great.

And just think of the extra sleep you’ll get!

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