teaching our kids is thirsty work

teaching our kids is thirsty work

Many people would agree that teachers are under paid, over worked, and simply under appreciated for the incredible job they do educating our children.

Contrary to popular myth teachers work long hours and are often time poor, rushing between lessons and monitor duty in the playground during their breaks. This can lead to another “underism” – the under hydrated teacher.

Maintaining good hydration is critical in all walks of life and the opposite, dehydration, leads to fatigue, lack of concentration, poor performance, irritability, headaches, and dizziness – not characteristics we would normally want to see in our teachers.

Forward thinking school Principals have realised the importance of keeping their teaching staff refreshed and well hydrated by providing a quick and convenient means of getting an instant hot or cold drink with a BIBO Water Bar.

The BIBO Water bar is a stylish, compact water dispenser providing instant filtered, purified, chilled and boiling water on tap for busy teachers on the go. It can be located where and when they need it as long as there is a power supply and mains water in the vicinity.

Making a great tasting cup of coffee, tea, soup, or instant noodles takes seconds saving invaluable time waiting around to fill and boil the kettle. Teachers have more time to take a well earned break or get on with their day.

During summer months in particular having instant filtered, purified and chilled water available on tap is a bonus. Teachers can quickly fill their own water bottles to have on their desk or carry during playground duty.

Water from a BIBO always tastes amazing and fresh which encourages teachers to drink more, staying refreshed and hydrated. And they are helping eliminate plastic water bottles from our environment.

Here are some of the growing list of schools around Australia turning on to BIBO:

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College - International Grammar School - Andale School - Loreto College - Shore School - SCEGS Redlands - Monte Cecelia College - PLC College -  Riverview College - Lourdes Hill College - St Phillips Christian College - St Peters Primary School - Radfield College - Moriah College - Kincoppal School

BIBO would like to say a big thank you to teachers everywhere for the awesome job they do and offer schools a FREE, NO OBLIGATION 30 day trial of a BIBO Water Bar.

Call 1300 002 426 today to arrange delivery to your school (conditions apply).

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