why every (healthy) office needs a BIBO water dispenser

why every (healthy) office needs a BIBO water dispenser

It’s the place you spend most of your time so add wellness to your workplace by working on getting a healthy office and you’ll soon see the benefits. Here’s how with BIBO water’s top three tips.

Plus! Fantastic EOFY #BIBObonus to quench your thirst!

These days, most ‘healthy’ offices make an effort to tick at least a few of the boxes when it comes to the trend for wellbeing. Fresh fruit, free yoga and maybe even reflexology sessions, are all just some of the ways in which employers are trying to improve the lot of their workforce.

the cost of chucking a sickie

After all, looking after the health of employees makes sound financial sense. A recent study showed that Aussies chuck 90 million sickies every year, costing the economy $34.1 billion annually.

Research from Harvard University found that improving air quality boosted mental cognition and helped workers to be more productive. Not only that, of course, but a healthy office means a happier worker – and one who is less likely to take sick leave.

That’s why architects, who have for years focused on creating buildings that are kind to the planet, are now also intent on planning work places that are kind to the people in them. In the United States, they have gone so far as to introduce a certification program called the Well Building Standard. Based on medical research, it shows how buildings can affect our health – and how to improve our surroundings.

how to create a healthy office

Of course, you don’t have to be an architect to make a healthy office. There are simple, cost-effective ways to ensure your workspace is working for you. Put these three simple BIBO water ideas into action and you’ll soon see an improvement.

A BIBO water dispenser makes any office healthier.

1. clean water

Productivity increases as a person drinks water by as much as 14 per cent, says research from the University of East London. Install a BIBO water filtration system and the whole team will be able to stay hydrated easily with BIBO’s instant filtered, purified, chilled or boiling water at its fingertips.

The BIBO water dispenser is the perfect addition to any office replacing water coolers, bottled water and kettles. It’s better for the environment and with its range of cool colours, it looks great too!

When staff stay refreshed with BIBO water, they fend off the dreaded mid-arvo slump, and BIBO’s popularity means colleagues will enjoy a modern take on the old water cooler chats that foster communication and community among your team.

Order your all-in-one BIBO water purifier before 30 June 2019 and you’ll not only be able to claim an instant 100 per cent asset write off,* you’ll get a $150 discount too. Find out more about this fantastic EOFY #BIBObonus offer here.

2. clear air

Adding certain plants to your office cleans the air and can impact the success of your company by increasing well-being by 47 per cent, creativity by 45 per cent, and productivity by as much as 38 per cent, according to a study from the University of Exeter. What’s not to love?

Just make sure to choose indoor plants that can survive low-light conditions. Good options are a peace lily or spider plant.

3. keep moving

The bad news is that scientists say sitting down for three hours or more without taking a break is bad for your health. But the good news is that there are things you can do to keep your ticker (not to mention the rest of you!) happy.

Standing desks, software on your computer or apps on your mobile to remind you to stretch and exercise every hour, are all great ways to keep your mind and body active, and in tiptop condition.

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the plastic problem

the plastic problem

It’s time to talk about plastic

According to the World Economic Forum ‘there will be more plastic than fish in terms of weight in the world’s oceans by 2050’ Plastic pollution in oceans causes at least one million seabirds and one hundred thousand marine mammals to die each year, as well as carrying invasive species that threaten native ecosystems. Ocean plastic also absorbs toxic chemicals that then enter the food chain and are linked with health problems in humans including cancer, malformation and infertility.

The charity Plastic Oceans estimates that by 2050, the amount of plastics produced globally will increase three times to 1,124 million tons.

The UK alone uses over 5 million tonnes of plastics each year, of which just 24% is currently being recycled. This figure needs to increase, particularly as nearly all types of plastic can now be recycled but often aren’t due to logistical and economic reasons.

what are the solutions

As with every issue in today’s world, it all comes down to Economics. The World Economic Forum said ‘the only way to avoid a disaster is to massively improve the economics and uptake of recycling. That means giving people incentives to collect plastic garbage and recycle, use reusable packaging, and encourage countries to drastically improve their waste collection infrastructure, to avoid plastic garbage leaking into the nature.

The Natural Resources Defence Council of the US agrees that we need to tackle this issue on both individual and industrial levels, saying that ‘the most effective way to stop plastic pollution in our oceans is to make sure it never reaches the water in the first place. We all need to do our fair share to stop plastic pollution: individuals need to recycle and never litter, but producers of single use plastic packaging need to do more too. We need producers to design packaging so that it is fully recyclable, and so there is less waste. We also need producers to help cover the costs of keeping their products out of the ocean.’

so what can you do now to help

Dispense with single-use plastic bottles and cups! Whilst the quantities of plastic being released into our oceans and the harm being done to us and our environment can be concepts too huge to get your head around, a manageable and practical place to start looking at helping to reduce the plastic burden on our oceans is one’s own consumption of the stuff. Get your freshly purified water from a BIBO rather than buying plastic-bottled mineral water.

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My Kitchen Rules season 8 set to kick off

My Kitchen Rules season 8 set to kick off

Here at BIBO HQ we are so excited that Season 8 of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ kicks off on Monday 29th January. With the crazy Russians and one team asked to leave half way through the season, there is bound to be some serious heat in the Kitchen this season.

Contestants Henry and Anna, the Truffle Farmers from Tassie are already favourites. Henry and Anna’s positivity, happiness and energy makes them the perfect match to our Yellow Shine BIBO Water Bar and is the ideal colour BIBO Water Bar to keep their water cool and refreshing when things heat up in the kitchen.

Are you also a ‘Yellow Shine’ personality? Check it out here.

My Kitchen Rules is on every Monday, make sure you stay cool in your kitchen with constant chilled, filtered, purified water from the BIBO Water Bar range and check out your colour personality now.

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how Leanne Druery beat the odds… and won a BIBO

how Leanne Druery beat the odds… and won a BIBO

In the highly competitive world of real estate, Queensland’s Leanne Druery stands out from the crowd.

Earlier this year the high profile real estate executive from Gardian Real Estate in Mackay, beat a strong field of six finalists to win Elite Agent’s prestigious 2017 Transform Challenge.

This event – proudly supported by BIBO Water – puts competitors through a series of taxing challenges to find Australia’s most gifted agent.

Leanne’s win was remarkable in more ways than one.

In the past 12 months she lost her husband of 22 years to cancer and has had to balance her real estate career with being a good role model for two teenagers.

And if that is not enough, Leanne had to contend with cyclone Debbie which ripped through North Queensland in the middle of the three-month Transform Challenge event.

Leanne says she has gone from “someone who felt vulnerable and sad, to a woman on a mission.”

For her outstanding effort Leanne was handed the keys to a new Mercedes C350e – and won a silver BIBO Water Bar for her staff and clients as a bonus.

“The BIBO Water Bar has been an exciting addition to our office at Gardian Real Estate,” said Leanne.

“Every staff member enjoys the refreshing cold filtered water especially in our hot climate. Everyone’s water intake has increased and we are all enjoying the positive health benefits this brings. In addition to the cold water we have on tap, we equally enjoy the hot water for all our hot beverages.

“We cannot recommend BIBO enough, it’s a high quality machine that has become a great addition to our office.”


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BIBO water bar makes a splash at Australian Good Design Awards

BIBO water bar makes a splash at Australian Good Design Awards

Peter Molloy and his wife Vicki at the Good Design Awards Ceremony in Sydney

BIBO Water Bar has been recognised for its stylish looks and innovative features at the 2017 Australian Good Design Awards.

This high tech benchtop water dispenser was one of only 244 entries to receive the 2017 Good Design® Selection and was a finalist in Product Design (Domestic Appliances).

BIBO CEO Peter Molloy represented BIBO at the black tie Awards Ceremony at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney earlier this month.

“It was a great honour to be shortlisted at this prestigious Award ceremony featuring many of Australia’s most innovative products,” Mr Molloy said.

Launched in Australia late last year, the BIBO Water Bar filters and purifies tap water providing pristine chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button. And it comes in 10 amazing colours to suit any décor.

Operating the BIBO water bar is simple with its user-friendly touch control panel and display screen. It has many useful menu settings including hot and cold temperatures, serve quantities, and power saving sleep mode when not being used.

BIBO was chosen among the best entries to receive the Good Design Selection after an extensive evaluation process by a Jury comprising more than 35 Australian and international design experts.

‘A joy to use and look at’

The Jury set the bar very high this year with only the very best submissions receiving this level of recognition.

They described the BIBO Water Bar as “an innovative, no-fuss water dispenser that is a joy to use and look at.”

“The Jury commends BIBO for opening up a new category in this market.”

Australia’s Good Design Awards date back to the 1950s and have an enviable record of unearthing globally recognised talent and products.

The 2017 Good Design Awards Ceremony and Festival coincided with Vivid Sydney, now the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas.

“The Australian Good Design Awards attracted innovative entries from all corners of the world and the standard of submissions this year has really been incredible,” said Dr Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia and Chair of the Good Design Awards program.

Making our lives better and happier

“This is one of the few design award programs in the world where design and innovation are celebrated so broadly. This year’s Good Design® Selections represent excellence in design across the widest spectrum of design including Product Design, Service Design, Architectural Design, Design Strategy, Digital and Communication Design and Social Innovation,” Dr Gien said.

“Good design is about making our lives better, safer and happier. It extends to everything around us – from the products we use in our daily lives and the services we interact with to the buildings we live and work in – they can all be improved through better design. That’s what lies at the heart of these Awards”.

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how much water should you drink every day

how much water should you drink every day

A common recommendation is to drink six or eight 240ml glasses of water or other fluid every day.

But you may need more or less, depending on your age, gender, weight, how healthy you are, how much you exercise and how hot and dry the climate is.

You may sometimes need to drink more water than usual if you:

  • Exercise intensely, especially in a hot climate
  • Experience extreme weather conditions (heat, humidity, cold or high altitudes)
  • Are sick (such as flu) or have a health condition such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis or kidney disease).
  • Are pregnant or breast-feeding

Kids need plenty of fluids as they can get dehydrated more easily than adults. And older people may need more fluids because of health conditions, including urinary tract infections.

The US Institute of Medicine recommends men get about 3.6 litres of water daily and women consume 2.6 litres – and that includes water from all foods and beverages.

The average person gets about 20% of their water for the day from food. An apple is 84% water, lettuce (95%) watermelon (92%), carrot (87%), bananas (74%) and broccoli (91%).

Even foods that you might not think of as moist, including some breads and minced beef, contain more than 50% water.

But when it comes to the crunch you can’t beat a glass of chilled, refreshing water to quench your thirst … and stay hydrated.

And for healthy, pure water on tap 24/7 you can’t go past BIBO.

BIBO provides instant filtered and purified water – at the perfect temperature – chilled, ambient and boiling – at the touch of a button.

It’s perfect as a water filtration system for home or office water dispenser.

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