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A list of our most commonly asked questions are featured below. If you have a question not detailed below and need further help at any time please contact us by email at or call us on 1300 002 426.

Our friendly Customer Care team are available between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Outside business hours please leave us a message and we will call you back next business day.

What method of payment can I use?

We accept all major credit cards except for Diners Club – it’s easy to pay online via our eWAY or PayPal payment gateways or over the phone on 1300 002 426.

You can also pay by electronic funds transfer (EFT) into our bank account, details are provided at checkout.

We offer a term payment plan through ZipMoney – choose your own term and rate of repayment and get 6 months interest free.

What colours are currently available?

We supply 10 designer colours: Silver, Black, White, Burgundy Red, Cream, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. These can be seen on the Shop page of our website.

Is the water really boiling?

The hot water in your BIBO is maintained at 96 degrees Celsius just below boiling point. To bring it fully to the boil just press the boiling water boost button before dispensing hot water.

How chilled is the water supplied?

You can choose how chilled you want your water to be. Your BIBO can be set anywhere between 4 to 16 degrees Celsius. 4 degrees C. is ice cold and 16 degrees C. is closer to the temperature coming out of your cold water tap.

How often do I need to replace my filters?

Your BIBO needs the carbon filter replaced every 6 months and the UV lamp replaced every 12 months. Your BIBO will alert you when your filter or UV lamp needs changing and we will also remind you and arrange to send you a new Filter Pack when you need one.

Does my BIBO need to be installed close to a water outlet?

We can install your BIBO anywhere as long as there is a mains water supply somewhere in the vicinity. Leave it up to us to run our tubing through walls and ceilings if necessary to make it work and look great. You won’t see any visible pipes or fittings after installation.

Your BIBO does not need a waste water drain. It has a removable drip tray which can be emptied when necessary.

How much filtered purified water will my BIBO provide?

Your BIBO plumbs into your mains water so it will provide unlimited filtered and purified water.

It will produce 15 litres of boiling water and 5 litres of chilled water per hour and recharges quickly when either tank is emptied.

I have a granite/marble/caesarstone benchtop - is this an issue?

No this is not a problem. Typically installation requires drilling an 8mm hole at the back of your bench behind the BIBO to feed the 1/4″ pipe to the mains supply under the sink. We recommend having this done by someone qualified with the right equipment.

All our Service Technicians are highly trained to deal with these types of stone bench tops. We use specialised diamond tools coupled with a water cooling system. This prevents any dust in your home or office and ensures a nice neat unobtrusive 8mm hole.

Can I install my BIBO myself?

You certainly can if you are a handy person and technically minded. Your BIBO comes with all the accessories needed and a a step by step self installation guide. If you run into trouble one of our Technical Support team would be happy to talk you through the process on the phone.

How efficient is the built in filtration system - what does it remove?

BIBO uses the latest technology in water filtration – multistage carbon filtration in combination with UV lamp purification. The  carbon filter removes impurities, sediment, tastes, odours, chlorine, heavy metals, and cysts such as cryptosporidium leaving the good minerals behind. The UV lamp kills bacteria and pathogens which may be present in your tap water.  BIBO is certified to the Watermark standard and meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

BIBO does not remove fluoride from your tap water. If this is a concern you can easily purchase a separate fluoride filter from any filter store and install it under the sink between the mains and your BIBO connection.

What child safety features does the BIBO employ?

Your BIBO comes standard with a child safety lock on the hot water system. There is also an additional level of child safety lock that can be set using your BIBO touch screen menu. This additional child safety lock setting requires a sequence of buttons to be pressed in order to dispense hot water.

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