These exquisite Twinings tea chests are uniquely crafted wooden boxes packed full of 60 refreshing herbal infusions and teas to take you from dawn to dusk.

Twinings and BIBO: the perfect pairing

Each Twinings tea chest offers a selection of English Breakfast, Camomille, Earl Grey, Peppermint or Australian Afternoon tea. Whether you want to sip something to perk you up in the morning, enjoy with a biscuit or two in the afternoon or help you wind down before bed, there’s the perfect tea for you.

The good news is you’ll receive a stylish Twinings tea chest, valued at $80, absolutely free with every BIBO water bar you buy until the end of September, while stocks last. Just use the code WINTERBIBO at checkout and you’ll soon have this stylish addition to your kitchen.

stay healthy this winter with Twinings and BIBO

Enjoy your Twinings teas with the help of delicious, filtered, pure water from the BIBO water bar that will see you stay healthy all winter long. Even in the colder months, our bodies still need hydration and a BIBO water bar ensures a constant supply of either boiling hot or refreshingly chilled water to suit your every need.

A BIBO water bar is just the thing for teas as it’s easy to adjust the water temperature for the ultimate cuppa – boiling hot for black tea and slightly cooler for herbal. You can even opt for an instant mug of indulgent hot chocolate to treat the kids on a blustery day*.

And if you do succumb to the sniffles, remember drinking plenty of liquid is a great way to help yourself get over a cold or flu more quickly so use your BIBO water bar for soothing hot honey and lemon drinks, nutritious soups or simply a bowl of steaming water to ease congestion, and you’ll soon be on the road to recovery!

*(Psst! You can also make a delicious hot chocolate dipping sauce or ice cream topping with your BIBO water bar. Just don’t tell the kids…)