covid-19 update

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all our business and home customers in these extraordinarily challenging times. We are still open for business and we wanted to update you on measures we are taking to protect the health and safety of our staff and you our valued customers.

you can trust your BIBO

First here are some important facts about your BIBO and why you can rest assured you are drinking safe, high quality, filtered & purified water.

  • BIBO has a unique “multi-barrier” filtration and purification system to remove contaminants from tap water.
  • Our 2 stage “MAXI” filter  features a multi-stage 1 micron carbon block media and removes impurities and contaminants including chlorine and heavy metals. Only beneficial minerals remain.
  • The 11 watt Ultraviolet Lamp purification system is highly effective in destroying potential pathogens in water such as bacteria, mould, algae and viruses, leaving microbiologically pure and 100% safe drinking water.
    Note there is no scientific evidence that coronavirus can be spread through the municipal water supply system.

for our health and safety

Here are steps we are taking to help prevent the spread of coronavirus based on current Government guidelines.

  • Our staff are working from home and we are minimising person to person contact. If you have any service needs you can still reach us on 1300 002 426 or email
  • Wherever possible we will resolve your issue remotely.
  • Should you require a BIBO Service Technician to attend your premises we will ask you the following pre-screening questions: Is anyone on the premises exhibiting cold/flu-like symptoms? Has anyone on the premises returned from overseas in the last 14 days? Is anyone on the premises in self-isolation?

other precautions you can take

There are lots of different COVID19 Rules that you can follow to help you stay safe. For example, if you are planning to go outside your home for anything in a public place, it might be worth purchasing yourself a face mask to limit your chances of picking the virus up from others who may be infected. As the virus is airborne, it’s important that people stay some distance away from other people. As this isn’t always possible in some areas, it might be a good idea to also wear a surgical face mask just in case. That’s just one of the things that can prevent the spread of this virus. Of course, the main way people can prevent the spread of this virus is by staying at their own home if they have symptoms of the virus. Before going to work, many businesses have been making their employees test their temperatures to ensure they’re not carrying the virus. If they do have a high temperature, they’re being sent home to avoid the virus entering the workplace. To look at testing your employee’s temperatures, it might be a good idea to look into purchasing a temperature sensing kiosk. These kiosks are contactless and can be purchased from companies like KIOSK for example. This should help you to keep your employees safe. Apart from these well-publicized hygiene practices, there are a few BIBO related things you can do to help protect your own health and safety. Further measures you should take include hiring a professional janitorial business to ensure rigid standards of cleanliness are kept.

  • We recommend wiping down your BIBO daily (in particular the touch screen) with a clean cloth, hot water, and mild detergent.
  • Make sure you change your MAXI Filter and UV Lamp when they are due (ie 6 monthly for Filter and 12 monthly for UV Lamp).
  • If you receive a BIBO delivery through Auspost or a courier, we suggest wiping down the box with a clean cloth, hot water, and mild detergent.

Obviously the situation with coronavirus is moving rapidly and Government rules and guidelines could change at any time. We will do our best to provide uninterrupted service as far as possible.

In the meantime, if you are due for a filter or UV lamp change in the near future we would recommend ordering a Replacement Filter Pack now if possible.

stay safe and we look forward to a “post coronavirus” future together

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