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BIBO Water Bar

This beautifully designed water dispenser provides you with great tasting instant hot, instant chilled, filtered & purified water at the touch of button!








Why the BIBO Water Bar is for everyone

It's convenient

Say goodbye to the kettle, water cooler, filter system, and bottled water.

It's eco-friendly

Reduces plastic bottle waste reaching the natural environment.

It's healthy

Good hydration promotes health, wellbeing and performance at home and work.

It's energy efficient

Powers down automatically to save energy when not in use, saving you money.

BIBO Water Bar 'Rich Ruby'
BIBO Water Bar 'Silver Chic'

So easy to install

Plumbed into the water mains, your BIBO never needs refilling. And if you're on the move, it's so easy to disconnect and move.

Great value

Costs only a third of the price of common under the sink boiler/chiller systems.

Tasty filtered water

BIBO’s filtration system includes a multi-stage carbon filter and UV lamp to get rid of the nasties, whilst retaining the good minerals.

Fab features

Intelligent touch screen with personalised settings. Child lock feature to protect little hands.

BIBO Water Bar Dimensions

Why customers love BIBO

"BIBO is one of best water supply systems! All our team members love it. In terms of quality and cost effectiveness it goes way over bottled water. Customers service is quick and very helpful - we highly recommend it!"

- Carlos P

"We were most impressed from the time of installation and the clear explanation we received of the operation of the unit. The BIBO water bar is an excellent addition to our home with hot and chilled water available whenever required."

- Erin B

"We have had this machine now for a number of years and have not had 1 issue. Replacement filters are great price and easy to replace. Miss it when we are not home! Definitely would recommend this to anyone, a brilliant machine."

- Craig S

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The hardest decision is what colour to choose!

BIBO Water Bar 'Silver Chic'
BIBO Water Bar 'Black Classic'
BIBO Water Bar 'Rich Ruby'
BIBO Water Bar 'Red Hot'
BIBO Water Bar 'Active Orange'
BIBO Water Bar 'Yellow Shine'
BIBO Water Bar 'Serene Green'
BIBO Water Bar 'Cool Blue'
BIBO Water Bar 'Cultured Cream'
BIBO Water Bar 'Perfectly White'

Buy now for only

$1298 incl. gst

It is now so easy to drink more great tasting, healthy water at home or at work.

Once you get your BIBO you will love the convenience and you won’t be able to live without it – everyone will love it!

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Rent for less than

$2  per day incl. gst

Our popular tax deductible rental plan is available for businesses Australia wide.

Rental includes free filters and unlimited warranty and service for the duration of your rental term (24 months minimum).

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Plus, enjoy these extra options

Professional Installation

Enjoy professional installation of your new BIBO Water Bar installed by an approved BIBO Service Technician. Once installed, our technician will show you how to get the best use out of your BIBO.

Warranty Extended to 3 years

Extend the standard 2 Year Warranty included with the purchase of your BIBO Water Bar by 1 year, to a total of 3 years. If we can’t repair your BIBO we will replace it for free.

Replacement Filter Pack

BIBO’s Replacement Filter Pack contains one year’s supply of filter cartridges – 2 x Carbon Filters and 1 x UV lamp. The BIBO touchscreen display will indicate when your filters are due for replacement.

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