My Kitchen Rules season 8 set to kick off

Jan 27, 2018 | for home, for office, general, TV & media

Here at BIBO HQ we are so excited that Season 8 of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ kicks off on Monday 29th January. With the crazy Russians and one team asked to leave half way through the season, there is bound to be some serious heat in the Kitchen this season.

Contestants Henry and Anna, the Truffle Farmers from Tassie are already favourites. Henry and Anna’s positivity, happiness and energy makes them the perfect match to our Yellow Shine BIBO Water Bar and is the ideal colour BIBO Water Bar to keep their water cool and refreshing when things heat up in the kitchen.

Are you also a ‘Yellow Shine’ personality? Check it out here.

My Kitchen Rules is on every Monday, make sure you stay cool in your kitchen with constant chilled, filtered, purified water from the BIBO Water Bar range and check out your colour personality now.

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