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“The BIBO is without a doubt the best product I have ever purchased! It has saved us a fortune in terms of bottled water and is also super convenient when needing hot water instantly like when making bottles for a baby. Not only is it the best money we have spent but the service from BIBO has been beyond spectacular. Keep it up, you deserve to do fantastically well! ”

– Amanda Shapiro
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the BIBO water bar
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by Adrian B. on the BIBO water bar
Great product

We used to buy water coolers that were continuously breaking in or out of warranty. We decided to take the plunge with BIBOno regrets so far. Hot and warm water on tap is an added bonus. Other than consumables, we had no additional expenses. Highly recommended.

by Poh ong on the BIBO water bar
Excellent friendly customer service

The BIBO water bar is extremely easy to use and dispenses instant hot, warm and cold water.

Since we bought it, we have been extremely happy with the it's ease and speed. The temperature is adjustable and it saves power by going into sleep mode when it is not in use for long periods of time.

Excellent and friendly customer service, and although we had an issue with the installation service, however, Julie helped us solve it quickly.

by Andrea Lee on the BIBO water bar
Could not have come at a better time

Having kidney issues and being a mother to a 4 month old baby, the BIBO Water Bar could not have come at a better time. I was lucky enough to have won this great product at the Essential Baby and Toddler Show. I'm drinking a lot more water which particularly for kidney disease is vital, and having boiled water on demand at a specified preset temperature is invaluable when you need to mix formula or quickly warm your bub's milk and bubs is screaming in hunger. No more lugging heavy bottles of water from the shops, no waiting for the water to boil, no more burning the mouth from tea that's too hot, no more cooling boiled drinking water, no overflowing recycle bins - it's all of my water needs in one great portable and slick looking machine. Peter was great and went to great lengths to find the best solution possible for an aesthetically pleasing install at our rental property. Thanks BIBO!

Thanks Andrea, really appreciated!

by Cecilia Ching on the BIBO water bar
Here come the colourful reusable water bottle

My office use the Bibo water filter for all the staff and this is how I know Bibo brand. Here come they had create the colourful water bottle which is just perfect for me. I always like to bring my own water wherever I go as I believe we should drink more water than sugar drink. Now I can bring this bottle water with me and it just fit nicely in my bag. Just love it!!

Thanks Cecilia, glad you love our new BIBO Glass bottles!

by Rena Madoyris on the BIBO water bar

I have had the BIBO for about 2 years now & it's the best investment I've made. No more plastic disposable bottles & save on $. Thanks Peter

Thanks Rena, much appreciated.

by Natalie Cream on the BIBO water bar
Best Buy Ever

I had looked at the BIBO at the end of last year but couldn’t convince my husband. This year I showed him it again and he decided we would purchase one. We had great service in the purchasing of our machine.

We use our BIBO numerous times a day and it is just wonderful. No more waiting for the kettle to boil or keeping water in our fridge. It saves time, looks great in our kitchen, the water tastes much better than out of our tap.

We would thoroughly recommend getting a BIBO. Best thing we ever bought.

Thanks Natalie, great to hear you persevered and the family are enjoying having your BIBO!

by Shelli Hanson on the BIBO water bar
Highly Recommended

We have used the Bibo at Kids Club Clarence street Early Learning centre for the last 5 months and we have fallen in love with the functionality of this machine. It is so easy to have the correct temperature for a baby bottle at a touch of a button. Also knowing that the bibo has a two way filtering system puts our families at ease. Having chilled water for our water bottles is also a plus and so easy to use! I could go on and on, love the bibo!

by Alana Solomon on the BIBO water bar
Convenient & practical

Working in an Early Childhood setting in the 0-1 year old room means attending to several babies needs at once. The BIBO has reduced bottle preparation time hugely. The little ones no longer have to wait five minutes for their bottles to heat up, they receive them immediately! This keeps them happy and decreases our stress levels.

It's also convenient for all of the workers to use. We're able to refill our bottles with chilled water whenever we like. The design is practical and for those that aren't as tech savvy, it's straightforward to use.

Will definitely be recommending this water system to friends and family!

by June Wicken on the BIBO water bar
Much easier than kettle

Much easier than boiling a kettle and more economic as only use amount needed.

by Sylvia Bailey on the BIBO water bar
BIBO changes your life.

Buying a BIBO was the best thing we have done in a long time. We live in a very hard water area that tastes foul to drink. Buying & storing bottled water is a pain, plus the expense. BIBO has stopped all that and comes with hot water as a bonus. The taste of hot drinks has changed completely. As real coffee drinkers, we realised that we had never tasted the true flavour. Could go on and on about why BIBO changes your life – buy one & see!

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