BIBO water bar for schools

Ideal for staff rooms, office, breakout areas, and canteens.

BIBO water bar for schools

Ideal for staff rooms, office, breakout areas, and canteens.

BIBO water bar is now in schools. It’s the stylish, new countertop water dispenser providing instant filtered, purified, chilled & boiling water at the touch of a button. Say bye bye to the water cooler, bottled water & kettle, say hello to the BIBO water bar.

summer school sale with BIBO!

To help gear up for summer we are offering Australian schools an incredible deal on our BIBO Water Bar which dispenses unlimited filtered, purified boiling and chilled water instantly at the touch of a button.

At BIBO we appreciate how hard our teachers work and believe they should drink only the best quality water. With a BIBO Water Bar in the staff room and a BIBO refillable glass bottle on their desks, we can ensure that our Australian teachers remain constantly refreshed and hydrated with quality water, whether they are drinking tea, coffee, cup of soup, or a refreshing glass of chilled water.

From now until March 31 2019, schools can get $200 off the price of a BIBO Water Bar, available in a range of stylish and vibrant colours to suit any decor!

To make the most of this fantastic offer, just enter this special coupon code on our checkout page: coupon code: schoolspecial

See our range of BIBO water bars and choose your favourite colour now!


BIBO’s multi-stage carbon filtration system removes the nasties like chlorine, lead, and more


Water is 100% safe and bug free with BIBO’s unique ultraviolet (UV) purification system


Staff will stay refreshed and hydrated with instant chilled water at the perfect temperature


Enjoy the convenience of instant boiling water, no more time wasted waiting for the kettle to boil


Set temperatures, quantities and power saving modes to suit individual tastes and needs

the BIBO water bar inclusions and extras

We offer free shipping of your BIBO Water Bar anywhere in Australia and a 2-year warranty on all our machines. The BIBO Water Bar comes in a range of stunning colours and dispenses filtered, purified, chilled and boiling water on demand. Temperatures, quantities, and power saving modes are all adjustable to suit your needs with the easy-to-use menu. Choose your favourite designer colour here!

free installation of your new BIBO school water filtration system

Need help installing your BIBO Water Bar? At BIBO we also offer free installation of your new BIBO Water Bar.

This includes connection to an existing 220-240V power point and mains water stop tap within 3 metres of the BIBO Water Bar’s bench top location. The BIBO Water Bar is connected to the water mains using flexible 1/4“ pipe. It involves drilling a small discreet hole in the bench top (including timber, laminate, stainless steel, and caesar stone but not marble and glass) and through under sink cupboards.

This service excludes installation of power points, mains-water stop taps, major plumbing, or complex installations where the BIBO water bar is located more than 3 metres from the water mains – in which case additional charges may apply and a quote will be provided before any work commences.

We want you to love your new water purifier – just as much as your school will!

energy efficient and eco friendly

The eco-friendly BIBO water bar uses the latest technology to ensure efficient use of energy. Sleep mode settings automatically power the unit down when not in use saving energy. Cold and hot systems are highly insulated ensuring minimal energy to maintain them at operating temperature. By replacing bottled water BIBO is contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and plastic waste in the environment. One glass of water from a BIBO is one less plastic bottle in the world!

create a beverage bar in any staff room

At only 30W x 35D x 33H (cm), the BIBO water bar fits easily on any counter top taking up the space where the kettle used to be. The BIBO can be plumbed in easily through walls and ceilings to a water supply anywhere in the vicinity and does not require waste making it ideal for staff rooms, receptions, work rooms, canteens, and of course kitchens. Pair the BIBO water bar with an espresso machine and create the perfect one stop Beverage Bar for staff and teachers.

schools using BIBO

see the BIBO water bar in action

  • Instant filtered, purified, chilled & boiling water for the workplace.
  • One stop refreshment station replacing water cooler, bottled water and kettle.
  • Eco-friendly, energy efficient water dispenser, eliminate plastic waste.
  • Great value at around one third the cost of undersink boiler/chiller systems.
  • Never have to pay exorbitant costs to service your water system again.
  • Purchase outright or take advantage of our all inclusive rental plan.

free delivery and install

Australia wide

free return within 30 days

if you’re not 100% satisfied

2 year warranty

we replace or repair it for free

the hardest thing about BIBO is choosing a colour