installation by BIBO technician



We highly recommend you have your new BIBO water bar installed by an approved, professional BIBO Service Technician. All our service technicians are highly trained and experienced in appliance installation.

Once installed our BIBO service technician will help you customise your BIBO to your specific needs, answer any questions you may have, and show you how to get the best use out of your BIBO.



BIBO installation service includes:

  • Location on a suitable benchtop within 3m of a mains water supply and 240V power point.
  • Plumbing connection to an existing mains water stop tap above or below the benchtop.
  • Drilling an 8mm hole through the benchtop (timber, laminate, caesarstone) to run ¼” flexible pipe.
  • Drilling through under bench cupboard walls to run ¼” flexible pipe to mains water supply.
  • Filling and testing your BIBO, checking menu settings, and a brief demonstration.

BIBO installation service excludes:

  • Installation of a 240V power point or provision of extension leads or power boards.
  • Installation of a suitable mains water stop tap to connect to or other major plumbing jobs.
  • Drilling benchtops made of glass, steel, marble, granite, or any other very hard or fragile material.
  • Running ¼” piping over a distance more than 4m or through walls and ceilings to a remote location.
  • Installation in remote areas more than 30km from major cities or regional towns.
  • For excluded items additional charges will apply based on a site inspection and quote.
  • For more information please visit our Installation page.