BIBO water bar

BIBO is the latest technology in water filtration and purification systems. But it doesn’t only filter and purify your water, it delivers it to you refreshingly chilled or piping hot for your favourite beverage.

This compact and stylish water dispenser is designed for your bench top where it is most convenient to use and takes up little more space than your kettle. And it looks great too, choose your BIBO in one of 10 colour options to suit any decor.

BIBO Incorporates a high tech carbon filtration and ultraviolet lamp purification system and is easily plumbed into your mains system to ensure you have an endless supply of crystal clear, safe, and great tasting water.

Its a smart little unit as well with a sophisticated and easy to use control panel and screen, plus the menu function allows you to program in your preferred settings like temperatures, serve size, and energy saving sleep modes.

BIBO comes with a 1 year warranty – if we can’t fix your BIBO we will replace it free – and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you change your mind for whatever reason.

Businesses can also rent a BIBO with full warranty and free filters for the term of the rental.

Take advantage of our optional installation service or arrange your own.

Keep up to date with interesting articles and helpful hints on our Blog – BIBO Buzz.

BIBO filter pack

The carbon filter and UV lamp in your BIBO do a great job but periodically need replacing to maintain the highest water quality. We recommend changing the carbon filter 6 monthly and the UV lamp 12 monthly.

Don’t worry – your BIBO will automatically remind you when replacement is due for both your carbon filter and UV lamp. They are easily accessible under the lid and take only a few seconds to change.

We make managing your filters easy with our annual replacement Filter Pack containing 2 carbon filters and 1 UV lamp to last you a year. Simply order online or give us a call on 1300 002 426and we will ship it straight to you.

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