BIBO water bar range

Our BIBO water bars come in a range of stunning, vibrant colours – perfect for your home and office. We offer free shipping and installation anywhere in Australia, plus a 2-year warranty. Our machines provide filtered, purified, chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button. Temperatures, quantities, and power saving modes are all adjustable with the easy-to-use menu. Choose your favourite colour below.

BIBO glass water bottles

Our new BIBO glass bottles are a perfect compliment to your BIBO water bar. We are big supporters of war on waste and each time you refill your reusable BIBO glass water bottle with fresh, filtered, purified water we save the planet from one more plastic bottle. Choose your favourite colour below.

explore these extras for your BIBO water purifier

For extra peace of mind, extend the warranty of your chosen BIBO water dispenser below and order replacement filter packs to guarantee consistent, high quality filtered and purified water.