About BIBO

A little about our history

The BIBO brand was founded in the UK in 2011 as an innovative, stylish and environmentally friendly water source for homes and offices. The unique concept of a high tech, compact water dispenser providing filtered, purified, chilled, and boiled water caught on quickly amongst residential and commercial customers alike.

BIBO enjoys a strong reputation for it's high quality products and exceptional customer service. BIBO now has successful operations in the UK, South Africa and Australia.

A new way to think about water

Here at BIBO Australia we boast over 25 years experience in the water industry and are passionate about promoting people’s health and well being through good hydration at home, at work and on-the-go.

We believe everyone should have ready access to great tasting, filtered, purified water, in an effort toward drinking more water and less sugar rich, high calorie beverages. Our mission is to provide Australians with great tasting, clean, safe water and outstanding service.

The hot and cold filtered water experts

  • Dedicated to providing Australians with a healthy and convenient source of clean, pure, refreshing, hot and cold filtered water on tap.
  • Making life a little simpler, easier, and healthier by giving active individuals and families a stylish and innovative water dispenser to meet all their drinking water needs.
  • A great alternative to traditional water coolers, bottled water, undersink boiler/chillers, bottled water, filtered water, and the humble kettle. BIBO replaces them all.
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Why customers love BIBO

"We love our BIBO! It is used every single day. Love the instant cold filter water and we no longer need a kettle to boil hot water! The service from the BIBO team is also exceptional - very reliable with a high level of customer service."

- Annabel M.

"We were most impressed from the time of installation and the clear explanation we received of the operation of the unit. The BIBO Water Bar is an excellent addition to our home with hot and chilled water available whenever required. We recommend it to all."

- Ern B.

"Very helpful company. Inhouse plumber guided me through the steps to install the BIBO Water Bar by myself. Works like a dream! Hot water on tap without the hassle of boiling water."

- Yehbee B.