BIBO Benchtop Water Dispenser for Work
& Staff Wellbeing

At BIBO Water, we understand the importance of great-tasting, pure water for you and your staff at work.

The BIBO Benchtop Water Dispenser is the ultimate filtered & purified water dispenser for offices,
staff kitchens, warehouses, restaurants, bars, hairdressers, medical practices, and more.

Say goodbye to your outdated water cooler, filter jug, bottled water, and kettle -
BIBO Water Bar is here to hydrate your staff, reduce your overall water filter costs
including maintenance and energy costs.

In today's fast-paced work environments, it's easy for employees to forget to drink
enough water for wellbeing & productivity. The BIBO Benchtop Water Dispenser is a
simple yet powerful appliance supporting staff wellbeing with its instant hot,
cold, and ambient water that is both filtered and purified at the touch of a button.

BIBO is quick and easy to use, encouraging regular water breaks, leading to happier,
healthier employees with boosted morale and productivity.

Investing in a BIBO Water Bar represents excellent value for money. Compared to traditional under-the-sink boiler/chiller systems, the BIBO Water Dispenser comes at approximately one third of the cost, with significantly lower service and maintenance expenses.

Whether you're upgrading, replacing an existing water filter system or starting from scratch, the BIBO Benchtop Water Dispenser is the perfect water solution for your workplace.

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How the BIBO Benchtop Water Dispenser Works for Your Wellbeing

BIBO filters


BIBO’s filtration system includes a multi-stage carbon filter to remove nasty contaminants, whilst retaining good essential minerals.

BBIBO purifies


Drinking water is bug free and 100% safe with BIBO’s ultraviolet (UV) purification system.

BIBO chills


Your staff will stay refreshed and hydrated with instantly chilled water at the ideal temperature.

BIBO boils


Enjoy the convenience of instant boiling water - without wasting time waiting for the kettle to boil.

Rent a BIBO from less than $2.50 per day.

Get 1st month free rental!

Whether promoting health and wellbeing through good hydration, or welcoming clients with an instant, great tasting, hot or cold beverage - the BIBO Water Bar is available on rental packages tailored to suit your business. Rental packages include 1 year warranty, plus scheduled filter replacements and maintenance for the duration of your rental term.

The BIBO Water Bar is good for the environment and energy saver

The BIBO Benchtop Water Dispenser Water Bar uses the latest technology to ensure efficient use of energy. When not in use, sleep mode settings automatically power the unit down. Both the cold and hot systems are highly insulated to ensure minimal energy is required to maintain operating temperature.

In our endeavour to replace the need for bottle water, BIBO is contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and plastic waste in the environment. One glass of water from a BIBO is one less plastic bottle in the world!

Create a beverage bar in any workplace

At only 30W x 35D x 33H cm, the BIBO Water Bar fits easily on any countertop  - taking up only the space where the kettle used to be.

The BIBO can easily be plumbed in to a nearby water supply and uniquely does not require waste, making it ideal for receptions, board rooms, activity spaces, and of course kitchens.

Pair the BIBO Water Bar with your favourite espresso machine and create the perfect one stop beverage bar for staff anywhere in the workplace.

Schools using a BIBO Benchtop Water Dispenser

From offices to salons, schools to galleries - businesses throughout Australia are enjoying the benefits of the BIBO Water Bar.

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