can drinking more water help reduce chronic pain?

can drinking more water help reduce chronic pain?

Helping deal with reducing chronic pain could be as simple as drinking more water, a new study suggests.

Researchers at Massey University in New Zealand have been studying the impact dehydration can have on pain.

Massey University School of Sport and Exercise researcher Dr Toby Mündel hopes the research can reveal more about the link between the two.

Dr Mündel said there was already a good understanding about the effects of dehydration on performance. Dehydration can make you feel sluggish and you can't concentrate as well.

Now early research has shown that people that are dehydrated may feel more pain than those who are hydrated.

Dr Mündel says dehydration may especially increase your level of pain If you have clinical conditions like arthritis, cancer, musculoskeletal disorders, or migraines for example, or if you’re preparing for or recovering from surgery where food and fluids are sometimes restricted. Also, common treatments like analgesics (pain-killers) or cognitive behaviour therapy, may be less effective in a dehydrated state.

The latest findings may pave the way for medical professionals to recommend that patients stay well hydrated to help manage their pain.

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