what your favourite colour BIBO says about you

what your favourite colour BIBO says about you

We’ve all got a favourite colour. Sometimes it’s linked with a precious childhood memory. Azure ocean waters, lush green forest, lilac wisteria-covered walls, freshly picked lemons or the flames of a roaring log fire, for instance.

Or perhaps your favourite colour is down to a particular time of day. The soft orange glow of sunrise, dazzling white sand in the midday sun or the hints of purple and ochre in the dusk sky.

favourite colours and personalities

Our favourite colour can say a lot about our personalities and attitude to life. Throughout history, different shades have been culturally significant or represented historical periods, political affiliations and fashion.

We decided to look into what the 10 vibrant colours in the BIBO Water Bar range mean. If you’re still trying to make up your mind about which colour to choose, read on to find out what your favourite colour is associated with, and what it might say about you.

what is YOUR favourite colour?

serene green

All shades of green are associated with freshness, fertility, healing and loving nature in all its glory. If this is your favourite colour, you’ll be pleased to know that green symbolises personal growth and a deep sense of harmony. In feng shui it represents inner balance.

cool blue

Blue is the colour of trust and a reassuring dependability. It allows us to destress and feel a cosy sense of calm. Above all, if blue is your favorite colour, it also represents success. It’s’s by far the most popular hue used in the logos of Fortune 500 companies.

perfectly white

Innocence, cleanliness and peace are invoked by the simplicity of pure white. This BIBO Water Bar is perfect for minimalist kitchens. It brings a sleek sophistication and sense of equality. Colour researcher Faber Birren found that it is ideal for mental activity and can make time seem to fly by compared to bright colours.

cultured cream

If a pure white is too intense then a warm cream is ideal for bringing calm and quiet relaxation. A gentle off-white feels like it’s from a simpler age where colour schemes were based on natural hues.

The classic feel also invokes the value of traditional family values. What’s more, it goes with literally any colour scheme too!

red hot

Red is the ultimate in bold, powerful colour choices that energise and show strength.  Birren’s studies found that having red around you stimulates the nervous system making you more aware of your surroundings.

It’s an exciting colour, perfect for a busy kitchen where there is a passion for cooking and bringing friends and family together. Or for an office full of creatives who constantly crave inspiration.

silver chic

For US colour strategist Jennifer Bourn, if silver is your favorite colour it’s because it offers the ultimate in refinement and glamorous elegance. It’s said to mirror the soul, helping us see ourselves as others do and reflect hope and, unconditional love.

Its stark, industrial quality has symbolised riches and wealth throughout history, with many cultures believing it draws out negative energy and replaces it with positivity. Meanwhile in feng shui, silver brings travel, luck and helpful friends.

A silver chic BIBO Water Bar is a style statement in itself in bespoke, quality kitchens.

rich ruby

In India a sumptuous red is associated with security and serenity while in South America it’s the polar opposite indicating passion, fire and intensity.

The ruby is the most lustrous of all precious stones, and has accrued many symbolic meanings over centuries including nobility, purity, joy and lust. And in Chinese culture, the colour brings good luck, health and happiness and is at the centre of New Year celebrations.

If ruby is your favourite colour, it will bring a classy, distinguished hue that will be a powerful, reassuring presence in any living area.

black classic

Black is professional, confident and hints at luxuries like a limo, caviar, Aviator shades or an exquisite suit. It also shows you are self-assured, in control of your destiny with complete independence and don’t feel the need for showy ostentation.

Black blends subtly into a dark kitchen and provides drama and high contrast in a light or pastel area.

active orange

A team of marketing academics in the United States revealed that people associate orange with fitness, high-tech and excitement. It combines the strength and energy of red with the fun and playfulness of yellow to induce feelings of warmth, food and shelter. It also stimulates the appetite!

The colour orange was actually named after the fruit (not the other way around) and in years gone by was a favourite colour thought to bring comfort in tough times and motivation to achieve your dreams.

yellow shine

The happiest of all the colours, it’s impossible to see yellow and not feel cheerful and optimistic. Consequently, if you want to make someone feel better, a bunch of yellow sunflowers always does the trick.

Its wavelength is longer than other colours making it the easiest to see. That’s why it’s the first colour that babies recognise and retains a strong psychological hold on all of us.

So this stunning BIBO Water Bar is absolutely joyous and will be the first thing any visitor sees in the kitchen.

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