review: comparing a Zip HydroTap to the BIBO water bar

review: comparing a Zip HydroTap to the BIBO water bar

If you’ve decided to install a new filtered, chilled & boiling water system in your bar or kitchen, two brands to consider are Zip and BIBO. Zip has been around since the 1960s and they are the most widely used while BIBO is the newest kid on the block. It offers a good alternative to the Zip, with some cool and unique features. Here we compare one of Zip’s smaller models, the Zip HydroTap® G4 100/75 to the BIBO water bar. Both are ideal as home water filtration systems or office water dispensers, and this quick overview can help you figure out which is the best filtered, chilled & boiling water system for you.


cost of a Zip HydroTap compared to BIBO water bar

The Zip HydroTap G4 BC 100/75, one of Zip’s entry models, offers filtered, chilled & boiling water and is priced at $4,495 (source:, 2018). It requires installation by an approved technician which Zip can organise for you at an additional cost. The BIBO Water Bar retails for $1,298 including free shipping and 2 year warranty (source:, 2021).


how to install the Zip HydroTap compared to the BIBO water bar

Zip is a two-part fixed system, with an above-counter tap and an under-counter chiller/boiler unit. This ‘box’ usually goes under a sink because it requires plumbing into the mains and a wastewater outlet, and housing in a cupboard with air vents to allow heat to escape. The undersink unit for the Zip HydroTap G4 100/75 is 28 x 46 x 33 cm. This unit can dispense up to 100 cups of boiling water and 75 cups of chilled water every hour.

The BIBO is an all-in-one counter-top unit that requires connection only to the mains via flexible ¼” piping. It can be placed anywhere that’s suitable for a bench-top appliance and has a footprint of 30 x 35 cm. Instead of needing a waste water outlet it has a detachable spill tray similar to a coffee machine. An upside is that you don’t need to locate it right next to a sink and if you move house you can take it with you. This unit can dispense up to 90 cups of boiling water and 50 cups of chilled water every hour.

maintenance and filter change for the Zip HydroTap compared to the BIBO water bar

Both units require a filter change every six months. Replacement filters for the Zip HydroTap G4 BC 100/75 cost about $490 a year and most people organise a technician to change the filter at an additional callout cost. The annual cost of replacement filters for the BIBO is $176 and it’s very simple to change the filter yourself, see video.


what nasties do the Zip HydroTap and the BIBO water bar filters remove?

Both of these units have an industry leading multi-stage carbon block filter, with a capacity of 6000 litres. It removes dirt, sediment, chemicals like chlorine, heavy metals such as lead, and cysts, but retains beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium.

The BIBO also has a unique UV lamp to prevent the buildup of bacteria and compensate for the removal of chlorine post filtration.


are Zip HydroTap and BIBO water bar water temperatures the same?

The Zip HydroTap G4 BC 100/75 dispenses chilled water in a range of 5-10°C and boiling water at 98°C.

The BIBO water bar features a useful menu option which allows temperatures to be set to suit individual preference. It dispenses chilled water between 4-16°C, hot/boiling water between 70-98°C, and warm water between 30-60°C. This feature is useful if you want safe, heated, but not boiling, drinking water at a specific temperature, such as for herbal teas, to mix with baby formula, or make warm drinks for younger kids.


what Zip HydroTap or BIBO water bar colours and styles are available?

The only visible part of the Zip is the tap which comes standard in chrome. The tap is also available in a variety of optional design styles in black and brushed steel at an extra cost.

The BIBO water bar comes in a range of 10 popular colours that work with your renovated kitchen colour scheme, including red, green, white, silver and black.

what are some of the other Zip and BIBO features?

Other features in both units include an energy saving mode, time/date display, and automatic reminder notices when it’s time to change the filter.

The BIBO has a touchscreen panel that is easy to use and offers more menu options for those who like their tech. These include pre-set temperatures, programming a set cup size, and activation of a double child-lock to prevent misuse.


comparing the BIBO Water Bar, the ZIP HydroTap and the Billi B-5000

View the Zip HydroTap and BIBO water bar comparison sheet.

Comparing ZIP HydroTap and Billi

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