BIBO's 10 hottest on-trend cocktails!

BIBO's 10 hottest on-trend cocktails!

After weeks of thorough and selfless research (hic!), BIBO has come up with a definitive list of on-trend cocktails guaranteed to impress any guest...


Nearly two years of dreary lockdowns and travel restrictions have meant we’re all hoping this summer we’ll be able to start throwing parties and entertaining friends.

And nothing makes a party sizzle more than whipping up an impressive-looking cocktail with plenty of umbrellas, paper straws and vegetation sticking out the top. If it tastes delicious too, then even better!



 1. Charred Chilli and Orange Aperol Spritz

This seductive burst of red fizz really has the wow factor. Crunch on a chilli and then take a slug to get the full effect. To save money, use a Soda Stream to get some bubbles into some filtered water from your BIBO water bar, but make sure it’s completely chilled.


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 2. Jamie Oliver’s Cuba Libre

Cuba’s national drink is making a big comeback and is great with plenty of wedges of lime and big, chunky ice cubes. To give it an extra kick, try using spiced rum instead of Bacardi Oro.


 3. Rum Grog

When there’s a chill in the air on a long summer night, this highball cockle-warmer will be ready in an instant if you’ve got a BIBO² standing by to deliver the boiling water over the light rum and sugar syrup. It also works well with lemon juice, though add an extra slug of the syrup to balance the acidity.


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 4. Maggie Beer’s Grape & Verjuice Daiquiri

In case you’re not a verjuice connoisseur, it’s a tangy juice from grapes that haven’t fully ripened, and is delicious drizzled sparingly over salads. But clever Maggie uses it here to give this earthy golden rum-infused nectar a sharp edge.


 5. Curtis Stone’s Bittersweet Choc-Mint Martini

No wonder the TV chef smiles so much – a couple of these bright green belters and you will be too. Crème de menthe, chocolate liqueur and a shot-and-a-half of vodka gang together to corrupt a couple of jiggers of milk and cream before mint leaves are stirred into the dreamy froth.

Crumbled dark chocolate around the rim of the glass completes an indulgent experience.


 6. Kansas City Ice Water

If this is how they drink water in Kansas, then book us on the next flight! The first thing to know about this fiery cowboy refresher is that it doesn’t actually contain any water. The second thing to know is that it packs an almighty punch and actually tastes better if you sneak in half a cup of chilled water from your BIBO².


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 7. Triple layer Pina Colada

If you want a real showstopper for when your guests arrive, then nothing beats this spectacular tricolour trifle of boozy smoothies adorned with strawberries and toasted coconut. The big tip here is to prepare the three blended mixtures well in advance so they’re totally chilled before you pour them.

If you get all the way to the bottom of the glass, you’ll be totally chilled too.


 8. Gordon Ramsey’s Christmas Martini

While your Northern Hemisphere friends are convincing themselves that their traditional Christmas tipples of eggnog and mulled wine taste great on a blistering 40° day, you can effortlessly steal their thunder with a delectable festive glass that’s more Christmassy than tinsel.

But this isn’t one to rustle up spontaneously – you’ll need to make the ‘Christmas vodka’ a few days in advance to give the nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and maple syrup time to acquaint themselves with each other.


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 9. Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon and mint muddle together in a crimson cooler with a generous hunk of fruit embedded into the side of the glass. It's even red and green to match your yuletide decs!


 10. Spicy Sangria

A jug of pure summer that's a neat twist on traditional Spanish sangria, with a red chilli pepper sliced into the cranberry juice, vodka, white wine and soda water. Make sure there’s plenty of ice so the jug keeps the mixture cool while you’re on your first glass. If you don’t have lemonade, then double the lime juice and add a cup of filtered cold water.



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