6 best apps to keep you hydrated

6 best apps to keep you hydrated
It’s easy to become dehydrated without even realising it, but these clever apps will make sure you’re always safely refreshed.


Are you dehydrated right now?

No? Well, how can you be so sure? It’s estimated that 80 per cent of Australians suffer from dehydration, but nearly all of them have no idea!

They assume that the only symptom is thirst, but actually there are loads - feeling lethargic, having trouble concentrating, dizziness, bad moods, cravings for sweet things, trouble sleeping and headaches.

One problem is that many assume they're actually hungry instead of thirsty so snack instead of drinking and end up putting on weight. Others go for alcohol or highly caffeinated drinks, which can make the dehydration even worse.

The best solution by far is to drink fresh, filtered water that’s been purified to remove any nasties.  Water really is a superfood to flush out toxins, boost energy and lower stress. The average person needs around two litres a day, and more if they’ve been exercising or it’s particularly hot.

But help is at hand!

We’ve found six free apps that'll keep tabs on your intake and let you know when your body needs a refill.


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the 6 best dehydration apps


 1. Aqualert

As the name suggests, this sends alerts to let you know the exact amount you’ve drunk that day so you know how much you have left to go. It’s simple, easy and works with Google Fit.


2. Hydro Coach

If you need a little motivation to get sipping then this might be perfect. It’s also simple to personalise with your age, weight, sex and lifestyle.


3. WaterMinder

Should you wish to share your hydration successes with friends, then look no further! You can also track consumption over two weeks, enter any type of beverage, custom your cup sizes and lots more thrilling things. It’s free for Android users, but $7.99 on iPhones.


4. Aqueous

Complete with attractive animations and a range of sound effects, this really is the one with all the bells and whistles... and an impressive 5.0 rating on the App Store. It’s also keen to point out how scientific it is in calculating just how much H2O you need to ‘make the world a better place’. Bless!


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5. Plant Nanny

OK, so, as you might be able to guess, this one is less concerned with your perspiration and fluid intake and more worried about whether you’ve watered the peace lily. Well, actually, make that a virtual peace lily, as you have to keep the digi-plants healthy by drinking yourself.

If you’ve gone easy on the aqua, your poor plants wither, shaming you into gulping down some more. Choose from a selection of super-cute species with human eyes that get very sad if you haven’t been knocking back enough glasses.

And talking of houseplants, did you know, that they thrive more if they're given filtered water?  If you have a BIBO² then you’re sorted as it dispenses pure water that’s been purified and filtered to perfection.

Always use room temperature water (around 20°C) for plants  -  you can set the BIBO² control to any temperature, so it’s easy as.

If your plants could talk, they’d thank you!


6. Daily Water Tracker Reminder 

Not the snappiest name, but this one does get very excited when you reach your liquidity quota for the day and throws a full on celebration in your honour! 


Of course, the best way to remind yourself to quaff some delicious, chilled water is to have a stylish BIBO² as the centrepiece of your kitchen. The only issue will be deciding which of the 10 vibrant colours to choose!



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