watch BIBO's first ever Aussie TV ad

watch BIBO's first ever Aussie TV ad

As more and more homes are reaping the benefits of the BIBO water bar, here at BIBO HQ we decided the time was right to showcase its many exciting features with a TV ad.

If you’ve been watching Channel Nine, 9Go!, 9Life or 9Now, you’ll probably have seen the BIBO TV ad already detailing how the BIBO water bar can look after all your family’s beverage needs, as well as being kind to the planet.


watch the first Australian BIBO TV ad

see behind the scenes of BIBO's TV ad

Below are exclusive behind the scenes photos of the BIBO TV ad shoot and the three actors involved. As you can see, filming a 30-second commercial is a huge undertaking involving stylists, hair and make-up technicians, a lighting crew, multiple camera angles, sound engineers and a director – not to mention the hours spent editing down all the footage and adding in the music and voice over. Fortunately, the BIBO water bar is more than worth it!

It was a long, exhausting day, but we're sure you’ll agree the results are sensational. The whole crew was glad there was an actual BIBO water bar on hand for some chilled drinks and hot tea!

As you’ll see, the slick ad demonstrates how the eco-friendly BIBO water bar provides filtered, purified, chilled, hot or boiling water in an instant. With 10 stunning colours to choose from, it’s a stylish addition to any kitchen.

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