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BIBO Annual Filter Pack Subscription

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$168.30 when your filter replacement is due. Save 15%!

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Continue enjoying premium, great tasting water from your BIBO Water Bar

Our subscription service allows for complete peace of mind. Save 15% off the cost of your Annual Filter Pack and you'll receive automatic free delivery when your filters are due for replacement.

A team member will contact you to organise your service post-purchase.

The BIBO Annual Filter Pack contains 2 x MAXI Carbon Filter Cartridges and 1 x Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp, ensuring up to 12 months of delicious, filtered and purified water.

It is recommended to replace the MAXI Carbon Filter every 6 months, and the Ultraviolet Lamp annually. For complete peace of mind, the BIBO touch screen display will indicate when your filters are due for replacement.