easy tips to stay hydrated for busy new mums like Duchess Meghan

easy tips to stay hydrated for busy new mums like Duchess Meghan
Whether or not your precious bundle is born of royal blood, just like Meghan Markle, all new mums need to stay hydrated if they want to keep themselves and their baby healthy. Here's how a BIBO water bar can help. It was only a month after the birth of Archie in May that the Duchess of Sussex was back on royal duty at the annual Trooping of the Colour ceremony. Of course, Meghan looked immaculate but all the new mums watching her carriage glide past  on its way to Buckingham Palace would have known how utterly shattered she was likely to be feeling. The sleepless nights and hectic days that come with being a mum to a baby (whether they be breastfed or bottlefed) are energy-sapping enough, but returning to work so quickly adds in a whole new level of exhaustion.

instant pick-me-up

It's when you're forcing yourself out from under a warm doona for the second or third night feed that staying awake can be the biggest challenge. So an instant hot drink at the touch of a button is a godsend – especially when you know it's made with the healthiest of purified, filtered water with all the nasties removed. Duchess Meghan is a self-confessed tea addict so a BIBO water bar in her kitchen at the royal couple's newly-refurbished Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate, would mean she could simply touch a button to fill up a mug with one hand while holding baby Archie in the other. After all, when a bub wants his milk, waiting for a kettle to boil isn’t an option – even if Prince Harry is Dad! Meghan orders in Royal Blend tea from posh Piccadilly store Fortnum & Mason in London at an eye-watering $13 for just 15 ‘whole leaf silky teabags’. They were originally created in 1902 for King Edward VII. However, at 4am on a cold dark night, it’s a small price to pay for a relaxing brew while Archie enjoys a leisurely feed. The Duchess is also known to buy the less silky, but more affordable, PG Tips pyramid bags ($7.50 for 240). Such black teas need boiling water, but for the Duchess’ other favourite, mint tea, she’d need to set her BIBO water bar to around 90 degrees for the perfect infusion. That's just one of the many advantages of a BIBO water bar – you can set it to whatever temperature suits your choice of drink best so you get your brew exactly the way you like it.

up your cups

Of course, it's not just teas new mums need to stay hydrated and healthy. Getting plenty of fluids is essential for breastfeeding mums. They need just over three litres a day (13 cups) compared to 2.3 litres for women who aren't breastfeeding. That's not to say mums who are bottle feeding their babies don't need to stay hydrated, though. Everyone needs to drink more liquids if they want to stay alert, stave off tiredness and keep their bodies functioning properly. Not drinking enough can impair brain function and lead to short term memory loss, mood swings and an inability to think properly. And the good news is that hot drinks are just as good as cold ones for staying hydrated. There was a time when breastfeeding mums were warned that ‘Only water counts!’ but nutritionists have debunked this myth as our bodies can absorb fluid from many sources including fruit cordials, tea, coffee and hot chocolate – all of which the BIBO water bar can help to make.

don’t cancel that cappuccino!

Yes, you did read that right. Caffeine is perfectly safe for women nursing a baby, as long as it’s only a few cups of coffee a day. It used to be thought that caffeine had a diuretic effect on our kidneys meaning they couldn’t absorb water effectively which, in turn, could lead to dehydration. Fortunately for those among us who can barely prop open an eyelid until they've had their first sip of coffee in the morning, that theory has been disproven. The US Institute of Medicine found that the idea just simply wasn’t the case. “Caffeinated beverages appear to contribute to the daily total water intake similar to that contributed by non-caffeinated beverages,” their study concluded. The Australian Breastfeeding Association notes that only about one per cent of the caffeine in a hot drink actually reaches the mother’s milk. So fear not, your favourite long blacks don’t need to be banished. And if you're bottle feeding, you can use the BIBO water bar to quickly fill up sterilised formula bottles with boiled water to store in the fridge for future use which means however you choose to feed your baby, the BIBO water bar will come in handy. We may not live Meghan’s royal life of luxury, but investing in a BIBO water bar could make anyone feel a little more pampered during those first, stressful few months of parenthood – even if we don’t need to worry about what to wear for the Trooping of the Colour!

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