BIBO Water's 6 Hottest Summer Season Mocktails!

BIBO Water's 6 Hottest Summer Season Mocktails!

Throwing a drinks party? BIBO has the answer with this season’s most delicious thirst-quenching mocktails...

On hot, sultry days we all crave for hydration and refreshment...and great tasting drinks. If it's too early in the day for an actual cocktail or you fancy a break from alcohol, then we have some treats for you! 

We've done our due diligence and found the 6 most exquisite summer mocktails - and they're all super easy to make.

But, before we get to the recipes, time to equip you with some essential mixology...

BIBO’s 9 tips on making truly marvelous summer mocktails...

1. Use your best glasses - just because it's not alcoholic doesn't mean we have to compromise!

2. Mix in some herbs – they look great and add sophistication.
3. Go wild with some garnish – orange peel, lemon wedges, pineapple pieces, sticks of celery, pitted cherries. The more the merrier.
4. Decorate the rim – sugar and salt are the easiest go-tos, but why not try cocoa powder, sprinkles, crushed peppermints or colourful sugar crystals
5. Make your own syrup – boil up the same volume of water and sugar and then add some fresh fruit and spice. Apple and cinnamon syrup is delicious with lemonade, ginger beer or even vanilla ice cream!
6. Go easy on the sweetness! A hearty dash of bitters can bring you back from the sugar rush brink. Club soda works well too.
7. No plastic straws! They’re a big no no these days. Surely you haven’t lost the ability to sip?!
8. Have plenty of ice on standby. But if disaster strikes and you do run out, instant chilled water from a BIBO Water Bar is your saviour
9. Make like 007 and shake it instead of stirring as it allows air in and brings out the flavour. But make sure you add anything fizzy AFTER you’ve shaken!

6 Summer Mocktails

Cranberry sangria

If you don’t like your cocktails too sweet, then you’ll love the burst of tart cranberry infused with fresh mint, pomegranate seeds and fresh pineapple in this little belter. Try replacing the ginger beer with ice cold, filtered water from your BIBO and a drop of elderflower cordial.

Virgin margarita

A very secret ingredient makes this taste every bit as good as its boozy cousin: pickle juice! Yes, really! In fact, if you pour a little in most mocktails, it makes them taste a little alcoholic. So if Great Aunt Daisy has had one to many sweet sherries, then hand her one of these and she’ll never know it’s a mocktail!

Honey blackberry mint cooler

A medley of disparate tastes combine majestically in this surprisingly healthy glass of pure joy. Lemon juice and blackberries take the edge off the serene sweetness of the honey.  Add the half glass of purified water at the end, and make sure it’s chilled. For a sneaky adult version, add two shots of vodka.

Strawberry orange ginger fizz

Another sizzling flavour combo with the fragrant ingredients jostling to tease your taste buds. Perfect topped off with Prosecco or fizzed-up chilled water. Make the fruity syrup up to a week in advance so no lounging time is wasted!

iced tea with a twist

Perfect for when the thermometer's threatening to explode and you need some serious refreshment, this recipe uses grapefruit and orange to give a pleasing edge to the classic iced tea. If you have a BIBO² to hand, then you can be sure the filtered water used for the tea is boiling so all the flavour floods out…and no need to wait around in the heat for the kettle to boil!

Cucumber & passionfruit Tom Collins

This is a real showstopper with pretty cucumber ribbons wrapped around the inside of the glass and passionfruit pulp spooned on top. For those wanting something a little stronger, a dash of Hendrix gin does the job!


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