water champ... or H2 D'Oh? Take our fun water quiz!

water champ... or H2 D'Oh? Take our fun water quiz!

We gulp it down, dive into it, use it for washing and freeze it into ice cubes for our gin and tonics. But how much do you really know about water? Try this fun water quiz to see if you sink or swim...

Find the answers to our water quiz at the bottom of the page.

1. How much water does the average person drink in a year?

a. A cubic metre

b. Three cubic metres

c. Six cubic metres


2. True or false: hot water freezes more quickly than cold water?


3. The cost of chilled, filtered water from a BIBO Water Bar is about 1c per litre. So if you drink a litre a day that’s $3.65 in a year. How much would it cost on average to drink a litre of bottled water every day for 12 months?

a. $500

b. $750

c. $1000


4. Which uses more water on average – flushing a toilet or cleaning your teeth?

a. Toilet

b. Cleaning teeth

c. They’re about the same


5. In a typical office, which uses more electricity – a kettle or a water dispenser?

a. The kettle

b. The water dispenser

c. There’s no difference


6. How many litres of fresh water does the average Australian use per year?

a. 27,000

b. 64,500

c. 100,000


7. How many litres of water would be lost in a year from a tap that drips once a second?

a. 1300

b. 13,000

c. 130,000


8. How many hours a year does the average person waste waiting for the kettle to boil?

a. 18

b. 23

c. 33


9. How many bacteria are there in a litre of tap water that hasn’t been purified?

a. 800,000

b. 10 million

c. 60 million


10. Where did Earth’s water mainly come from originally?

a. Earth itself

b. Comets and asteroids

c. Lumps of ice from outside the Solar System


find your water quiz answers here:

1 a

2 True Find out why.

3 c And the cost to the planet is even higher!

4 c Both use around five litres. Try cleaning teeth using a cup of water instead.

5 a A water dispenser can more than pay for itself in under a year.

6 c Australians use more per capita than any other country.

7 b That’s the equivalent of 173 baths!

8 c That’s enough time to binge watch Bridgerton four times!

9 b They can all be zapped through the BIBO Water Bar’s ultraviolet purification.

10 a

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