Why BIBO’s unique water filter is so important for your family

Why BIBO’s unique water filter is so important for your family

A BIBO Water Bar delivers unlimited instant boiling and chilled filtered water that’s been purified to taste delicious and keep your family safe.

We all want to protect our families and keep them as fit and healthy as possible. And a great first step is to make sure all of them are gulping down enough H2O to stay hydrated, and that the water they consume is the cleanest and purest you can get.

Here are four reasons why we should all drink filtered water…


BIBO Water Bar Filters out the nasties

Various studies have shown that Australian tap water is healthier than bottled water, but there’s one thing that’s healthier still – filtered Aussie tap water!

There are strict regulations around water quality, but small amounts of pollutants such as pesticides, lead, copper, bacteria, cysts, and even pharmaceuticals can still be present in tap water. Then of course there's powerful chemicals added to tap water such as chlorine, ammonia, and fluoride.

Half of tap water in NSW contains lead, researchers at Macquarie University found in 2021, mainly due to old taps and pipes. One in 12 samples they took had levels above the maximum permitted, which could be harmful to young children. An in-depth investigation by the ABC in 2017 revealed toxic water in some communities across the country.

If your kitchen has a BIBO Water Bar, you’ll be drinking the purest water on the planet! The unique filtration system features a multi-stage carbon filter that removes tastes, odours, chlorine, lead, heavy metals and other contaminants. 


BIBO Water Bar gives the taste of purity

Filtering water is an important first step, but there’s more you can do to a glass of water to make it even more sensational.

Ultraviolet purification destroys bacteria and viruses in water.  Luckily, your BIBO Water Bar’s UV lamp keeps your water pristine and bug free at all times. Most customers are amazed at how much better their drinking water tastes.

Imagine a gushing mountain spring or a dusting of virgin snow on a meadow – well, believe it or not, it’s even purer than both!


Wave goodbye to the dirty kettle!

Did you know there is 12 times as much bacteria on a kettle handle than on a toilet seat?  Or that harmful bugs like E-coli have been found on electric kettles?

A series of studies have revealed that most people have no idea that the average kitchen is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and could cause serious health issues if precautions aren’t taken.

The day you buy a BIBO Water Bar is the day you wave goodbye (and good riddance) to the kettle forever. No more waiting around forever for it to boil, no more tangled cables cluttering up the work surface and no more herbal tea made from unfiltered water with that horrid chemical aftertaste.


BIBO Water Bar is environmentally friendly

There are still plenty of people who splash out a fortune on bottled water thinking they’re getting some sort of health drink.

Calling it ‘mineral water’ or ‘spring water’ makes it sound like it must be good for you - after all, we all need minerals. But numerous scientific reports have concluded that it has no additional health benefits, and can even have less magnesium, potassium and calcium than tap water.

Some contain higher levels of potentially harmful substances such as nitrates and chemicals released from plastic such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates.

And remember when exfoliators used those tiny plastic balls to gently remove dead skin cells? Well many of them are now lodged in the guts of marine animals, slowly killing them. And these days, we’re the ones eating plastic – albeit microscopic pieces – if we’re drinking water from plastic bottles.

Up to 93 per cent of it contains microplastics, so nutritionists are now saying you need to filter any bottled water you buy!

Or, better still, don’t buy it.

Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten, plastic bottles are an environmental catastrophe. The energy used to manufacture one plastic bottle is the equivalent of filling it a quarter full with oil. 

That one you grabbed on the way back from the gym will still be around in 450 years’ time. And, as half a trillion are bought every year and only a quarter recycled, that means there will be around 200 trillion of the things clogging up landfill, rivers and oceans before a single one has decomposed.

Whether it’s in tea, coffee, cordial or on its own, filtered, purified water really is the most environmentally friendly, healthiest, safest and yummiest choice you can make for your family.


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