why water from your BIBO water bar is the ultimate superfood

why water from your BIBO water bar is the ultimate superfood

What’s your favourite superfood?  Blueberries? Kale? Linceed oil?  Well, here's why the pure, filtered water from a BIBO water bar is the greatest superfood of them all…



the No 1 detoxer

Our bodies use water to flush out our digestive systems and remove waste, so its vital to drink enough. But the type of water you choose can make a big difference. For the ultimate detox, purified water is essential, and the best way to ensure an unlimited supply is your BIBO water bar, Australia's top hot and cold filtered water tap

You won’t need to install an expensive under sink filtration system or clog up the fridge with special filter jugs as it dispenses delicious, chilled water at the touch of a button.

Filtered water has so, so many benefits including removing chlorine, limescale, heavy metals and organic contaminants as well as eliminating the odour associated with tap water. It’ll also be the most delicious water you ever taste – many people are amazed when they first drink it and vow never to go back to the old stuff!



it fights disease

A lack of water can be the root cause of many chronic illnesses including asthma, hypertension, obesity, back pain, degenerative diseases, migraines and even depression, according to the best-selling book Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by Dr F. Batmanghelidj.

His pioneering research found that Unintentional Chronic Dehydration (UCD) is a major factor in the development of serious conditions and long-term pain. Simply increasing your intake can work wonders.


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purer than the driven snow!

We all know that tap water is more healthy than bottled water, but what’s even healthier is purified water. And if you have a BIBO water bar, you’ll be drinking the purest on the planet! Imagine a gushing mountain stream or a dusting of virgin snow on a meadow – well, believe it or not, it’s even purer than both!

There are strict standards for tap water in Australia, but they allow a certain amount of pollutants to remain such as chemicals, pesticides, lead, arsenic, viruses and bacteria.

Sometimes, the quality can dip alarmingly.  Four years ago, an official report into the biggest water reservoir in the country, the Warragamba Dam found that pollution wasn’t being regulated properly and the salt content was unacceptably high.

In WA, high nitrate levels have been found, while in the NT, toxins from firefighting chemicals were discovered. An in-depth investigation by the ABC revealed toxic water in some communities and called for stronger regulation.

So purifying your family’s drinking water is important. Doing so also helps digestion and promotes clearer skin.


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release your inner athlete!

Whether you’re a gym junkie, devoted bushwalker, sea swimmer or Olympic runner, nothing is more important than staying hydrated.

And sports physios recommend drinking plenty of water before, during and after exercise to regulate your temperature, lubricate joints, ensure nutrients and minerals reach all parts of your body and keep muscles supple. If you don’t drink enough, you risk cramp, dizziness and overheating.

Purified water actually helps athletes hydrate more efficiently as the body doesn’t have to process any contaminants.



all the energy you need

It’s easy to see why health experts recommend several glasses of water a day when you consider how much of us is water. When you were born, you were 80% water and now you’re around 70%. As for your body parts, just look at how much of them is made up of H²O…

Muscles 75%

Blood  82%

Lungs 90%

Brain 76%

Even your bones are 25% water!

And pure, filtered water really is the best liquid to keep your body topped up. Sports and energy drinks have become very popular, but they're high in sugar and sodium so nutritionists don’t recommend them. It’s the same with high protein flavoured milk drinks that are packed with sugar, sodium and fat!

Unless you’re in the middle of a six-hour ultra ironman (or woman) challenge and need electrolytes, water is always best.


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you beaut!

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it needs plenty of water to protect you from the sun, keep you cool and prevent fluid loss. And, if you’re clever about how much you drink, it’ll keep you looking young and healthy in so many ways:

  1. Keeping skin tight and preventing sagging.
  2. Reducing wrinkles and pimples.
  3. Flushing out toxins - many go on weird juice diets to detoxify, but pure water works much better.
  4. Maintaining elasticity - the skin under your eyes can become dark if you’re dehydrated.




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