BIBO comparison 

comparing the BIBO Water Bar, ZIP HydroTap and Billi B-5000

If you’ve decided you want to install a new filtered, chilled & boiling water system in your home or work kitchen, there are three brands to consider - Zip, Billi and BIBO.

Zip has been around since the 1960s & Billi since 1990, and both are water filtration systems that sit under the kitchen sink.

BIBO launched to take this category by storm around the globe. We offer water dispensers which connect via your plumbing (just like other brands) but the BIBO Water Bar is much easier to install, costs a fraction of the price and comes with a few bonus extra unique features (just check out our 5 star Google reviews!).

BIBO is certainly the more cost effective alternative to the Zip, with some cool and unique features.

The above table compares Zip’s smaller models, the Zip HydroTap® G4 100/75 and the Billi Eco Tap to the BIBO water bar.

If you still aren't sure, please see our more detailed articles on each of the model comparisons to ours.

View the detailed comparison for: Zip HydroTap vs BIBO and Billi Eco Tap vs BIBO.

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customer reviews

We're so happy with our BIBO! We have it in the salon for our clients and it has made drink prep so fast and the water quality is so much better than our tap water. Would highly recommend!

Cody Thomas

We have been using the BIBO for two years and couldn't live without it now. Family and friends are always impressed. Great product!

Dick McDonald

We are so happy we purchased the BIBO. It's an absolute time saver and very easy to use. The best thing is you always have chilled or boiling water readily available. It's also very stylish!

Lutfu Odabasi