Why a BIBO Water Bar is a must-have water filter system for all offices

best water filter for offices filtered and purified water

Time to ditch the dirty old office kettle and install a stylish BIBO Water Bar for an unlimited supply of filtered, purified, hot and cold water at the touch of a button.


A BIBO Water Bar instantly becomes the centrepiece in any modern kitchen, a slick countertop filtered water dispenser that saves busy families time and money.

But it’s also a must-have office accessory, delivering unlimited chilled or boiling water for the entire working day.

Here are five essential reasons why your office kitchen, refreshment station and boardroom area really need one, and why your staff and visitors will appreciate it…


1. BIBO Water Bar to enhance health & wellbeing

It’s possible to become dehydrated even if you’ve been slumped at your desk for eight hours, willing the clock to hit 5.30pm. Most Australians don’t drink enough water, so having chilled, filtered water on tap is a great way to encourage all the workforce to top up on fluids throughout the day and perform at their best for longer.

Most BIBO customers report that they’ve been gulping down significantly more water since buying their unit as it's ultra convenient and tastes so good!

And having clean, fresh water at the touch of a button means you’re less likely to reach for a cola from the vending machine.


2. BIBO Water Bar saves time

If all your team spend endless minutes hanging around for the kettle to boil, chances are some will be missing vital calls that could cost the business dearly. When a few coffee runs coincide, the kettle has to be completely full so will take even longer while half the office is squashed in a very un-socially distanced space. And remember that kettles can have other, hidden dangers.

Plus, no one will have to disrupt their day by disappearing to the local café for bottled water or coffee. On average, you’ll wait NINE minutes for a coffee there, and your mug will be one of over a billion thrown away by Aussies every year.

If you have visitors, you can pour them a glass of chilled, filtered water, a  cup of tea or herbal infusion and get cracking with the meeting without any awkward delays.


3. BIBO Water Bar saves you money

A BIBO Water Bar is less than a third of the price of bulky, under-sink filtration systems and has the added advantage of being portable so it can come with you if you move offices.

It also costs a lot less to run than a kettle and cold water dispenser so will be especially popular with the accounts department!

If your company spends a fortune on stocking the fridge with bottled water or ordering giant containers for the water cooler, the cost reduction will be immense.


4. BIBO Water Bar to rent

If you want to see how a BIBO water bar would transform your office but don’t want to commit just yet, then why not rent one? It costs less than $2 a day, comes with a full warranty and you can decide which of our 10 vibrant colours will best suit your decor. We’ll even throw in free shipping and replacement filters!

To find out how to rent one for your workspace, click here.



5. BIBO Water Bar helps planet earth

We’ve already established that a BIBO Water Bar is environmentally friendly as it uses a lot less electricity than a kettle, but there’s another way it can help fight climate change – and leave you with more cash at the end of each week.

Paying $5 a day for a barista-made caffeine hit in a non-recyclable mug that’ll still exist when your grandchildren have grandchildren means you could save over $1000 in a year simply by switching to instant.

If you’re exclaiming in horror at the very thought then you clearly haven’t tried the delicious new generation of instant coffees that are now more popular than freshly ground varieties in Australia. All for around 27c a cup!

And we all know the environmental cost of the millions of plastic water bottles that end up in landfill and water systems every year. 

Having a BIBO is a sustainable way to keep our planet free of plastic.



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