6 fun ideas for Father’s Day in lockdown

6 fun ideas for Father’s Day in lockdown
If travel where you live is still restricted then a BBQ at the park, pub lunch or family trip to the cinema are all out the window this year, but that doesn’t mean Father’s Day in lockdown can’t be fun!


The spectre of COVID has put pay to any elaborate plans Father’s Day on September 5 for the second year running. For many it means any celebrating has to be done within those same four walls you’ve been staring at for weeks, while others won’t even be able to spend the day with their dad.

But at BIBO, we’re not going to let a pesky pandemic stop us from making the big day special. Here are 6 activities that are way more enjoyable than the usual cold toast in bed and family bar of Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations bought the night before from the servo. It's time to start planning your own very special Father's Day in lockdown.


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virtual pottery class

We’re sure he’s always enjoyed that scene in Ghost, and this is, well, a bit similar! Choose from a selection of online classes and you’ll be sent a kit to make your own pots, vases or even a ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug.

You don’t even need to be in the same building, so no one misses out!



movie marathon

Who needs a cinema when there are so many movies to watch at home? The only preparation is to select Dad’s favourite all-time flicks from Netflix, Binge, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or SBS On Demand and then hand him the schedule and supply regular top ups of popcorn and mugs of hot chocolate.

Many of the well-known streaming services offer free trials, so open an account the day before and you won’t even have to pay.



home restaurant

Just because you can’t go to his favourite steakhouse doesn’t mean the steak can’t get to your house. Many of the well-known delivery services like Uber eats, Deliveroo, Gourmet Dinner Service and Menulog have special offers for first time customers, so shop around a few days before so you’re all ready for a feast to remember.



sip and paint

Join a live, online art class and let your paint brush do the talking. You’ll find everything you need to whip up a masterpiece in the special kits that are delivered to your door, and then all you have to do is log on to join the class and receive (hopefully positive) feedback on your efforts. Either organise a special class for your friends and family, or join fellow creative geniuses from around the world.

Have your BIBO² standing by so when you need a caffeine hit, you don’t miss a vital instruction waiting for the kettle to boil!


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a whisky subscription

He’ll love the idea of a tasting pack of different whiskies, or having new ones delivered each month. There’s even a pack of delicious Aussie single malts. Is there a better way to end Father’s Day in lockdown?



let him win at cards

There are loads of ways to play a range of free card games and chat online. Just don't let Nan get too competitive!



most importantly, get him a present he’ll really like


If there’s one thing that Father’s Day is famous for it’s genuinely terrible gifts! If you still haven’t chosen one, here are a few that you should definitely not choose…

Gaudy tie                                                  Floor mats for the car

Old fashioned shaving kit                       An aftershave bought at the school fete

Whisky blended in a Tokyo prison        Hair loss products

Novelty socks                                           REO Speedwagon’s Greatest Hits

Personalised mug                                   BBQ apron expressing fondness for beef

Ear and nose hair trimmer                    Useless desktop gadget

Box of checked handkerchiefs              AFL-themed cufflinks

Faux leather manbag                             Bottle of extra hot chilli sauce

Deadliest Catch boxset                          Singing trout to mount on the wall

600-page novel by an author you think he should like


the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving

A BIBO² water bar delivers instant boiling and chilled water that’s been filtered and purified so he’ll get delicious tasting water at the touch of a button.

The stunning next generation model has an enlarged touchscreen with multiple menu settings including temperature, quantity and energy modes, and has just gone on sale in Australia for the very first time.

The only tricky part is deciding which of the 10 vibrant colours Dad will love the most. If you can’t decide between the likes of rich rubyserene greenperfectly white and silver chic, maybe this will help you.



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