Rent a BIBO Water Bar for your school staffroom

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Teaching is thirsty work! Why more and more schools are renting a BIBO Water Bar for their staffroom.

Controlling classrooms full of kids is a tough gig! Most teachers are on their feet for hours at a time, so dehydration is a common problem.

Few have time between lessons and playground duty to wait around while a kettle boils, so a BIBO Water Bar can be a lifesaver. It delivers unlimited instant boiling or chilled water that's been filtered and purified to perfection.

There's no purer, cleaner or more delicious tasting water.


Filtered water for hydration

Maintaining good hydration is critical in all walks of life, but it's very easy to become dehydrated quickly, especially in hot weather or during physical activity.  Symptoms include fatigue, lack of concentration, poor performance, irritability, headaches, and dizziness – none of which are great for teaching!

Forward thinking school principals have realised the importance of keeping their teaching staff refreshed while at school. By renting a BIBO Water Bar for your school, it's a quick and convenient way for teachers to grab a hot mug of coffee or ice cold glass of filtered water.

The BIBO Water bar is a stylish, compact water dispenser that's perfect for busy teachers on the go, and can be rented for less than $2 a day with free shipping. There's even a free 30-day trial!

All it needs is a power supply and mains water supply and it's away!  

School staff can use it to make a great tasting cup of coffee, tea, soup or instant noodles in just seconds, leaving them with more time to take a well earned break or get on with their day.


BIBO Water Bar for filtered, purified water

During summer months in particular having instant filtered, purified and chilled water available on tap is a bonus. Teachers can quickly fill their own water bottles to have on their desk or carry with them outside.

Filtered water from a BIBO Water Bar always tastes amazing, encouraging staff to drink more and stay healthy. And they're helping eliminate plastic water bottles from clogging up our environment.

Dozens of Australian schools already have a BIBO Water Bar installed. Here are just a few of them:

Brisbane Secondary College, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, International Grammar School, Andale School, Loreto College, Shore School, SCEGS Redlands, Monte Cecelia College, PLC College, Riverview College, Lourdes Hill College, St Phillips Christian College, St Peters Primary School, Radfield College, Moriah College, Kincoppal School and Tintern School.


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For a BIBO Water Bar in your school call 1300 002 426 or click here today to find out more.

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