10 ways your BIBO² will make Christmas Day better

10 ways your BIBO² will make Christmas Day better
It’s the most wonderful (and stressful!) time of the year. And, amid the joy, tinsel and chaos, there are a few easy ways to bring some much needed calm…


The BIBO²  really is the ultimate Christmas present. For a fraction of the price of other instant water systems, you get chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button that’s been purified and filtered to perfection.

But don’t wait to unwrap it on Christmas morning. If its installed before the big day, it really can be your best festive friend.

Here’s why


1. santa scent

Greet your guests with a truly Christmassy smell by putting a stick of cinnamon, three star anise, a few cloves and some lemon and orange rind into a bowl and dispensing instantly boiling water into it. It can be drained and refilled multiple times.


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2. it polishes the silver

If you’re dusting off the silver cutlery and find that months in the bottom drawer have left it tarnished, there’s no need to panic. All you require is some aluminium foil, baking soda, salt and vinegar. Instead of waiting for the kettle to boil, use the BIBO² and your knives and forks will be good as new in two minutes. Here’s how to do it.


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3. calmer kids

All that present opening, chocolate scoffing and backyard cricket can be exhausting, and you don’t want the children guzzling litres of Coke and lemonade all day, so having instant chilled water on tap means they can keep hydrated without astronomical sugar intakes.


4. pre-heat the thermos

Bread sauce, custard and gravy can all be made early and put into a thermos to keep them piping hot. But you need to make sure you’ve pre-heated the thermos first, and the best way to do that is fill it with very hot water for a few minutes first. Don’t pour in boiling water in case it shatters any glass. You can set your BIBO² to the exact temperature you need, in this case around 90°C.


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5. mock it up

While the adult are sipping champagne, give the kids a healthy summer mocktail with plenty of fruity goodness. There are seven sizzlingly delicious (an easy!) recipes here that use instantly chilled water.


6. fridge space

Your hardworking fridge certainly takes the strain on Christmas Day.  With all that food, wine and beer, there’s no space for bottles of water. Instead, fill a jug straight from the BIBO² with a slice of lime and plenty of ice.


7. top up the pud

A Christmas pudding needs to be steamed for hours so you have to keep an eye on the water level. Instead of boiling the kettle every time, just dispense some boiling water from your BIBO²


8. get stuffed

If there’s a danger you’ll run out of something vital mid meal, simply have packets of dried gravy and stuffing mix standing by. All you need is boiling water and your guests will never know there was an issue.  Same for custard on the Christmas pud.


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9. disinfect and unclog!

Christmas isn’t just your favourite time of year, bacteria love it too! All that raw turkey, prawns and joints of ham mean you have to be super careful about your cutting boards. A simple wipe with a damp flannel isn’t going to cut it. If in doubt, pour over boiling water and wipe it thoroughly with washing up liquid.

And if the sink gets clogged up at the most critical time, a litre of boiling water often does the trick.


10. you’re not finished yet!

At the end of an orgy of overindulgence when the last of the pav has been decimated and all that’s left in the bowl of Celebrations is a half-eaten mini Snickers bar, you may think your work is done.

But as you sink into sofa and try to ignore the chocolate hand prints, suddenly the cry goes up ‘I’d love a nice coffee’. Within seconds, the order has become five mugs of Bushells blue label, two peppermints teas, four coffees and two decaffs.

Boiling enough water for that lot would give the kettle a hernia, but it’s a breeze for the BIBO². And don’t waste vital charades time grappling with the coffee machine – these days instant coffee is just as good and, more crucially, much easier.


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