Why filtered and purified water tastes better

why purified and filtered water tastes better water dispenser

You haven’t tasted water until you’ve tasted a glass of filtered and purified water from a BIBO Water Bar! It’s the purest, safest and most delicious water on the planet.

If it’s tap water you're drinking, you will most likely detect an unpleasant chemical odour and flavour caused by the chlorine that kills off organisms and bacteria.

Believe it or not, up to 50 different chemicals are added to Australian tap water! But before you spit out the mouthful you’ve just taken, there’s no need to panic as most there are completely safe.

You may even get the same whiff of disinfectant from bottled water as many brands are also treated with chlorine.


The great taste of filtered and purified water

Filtered water is more popular than ever, not just because of its crisp, clean flavour, but because a whole range of contaminants have been removed to make it safe for the whole family.

Multi-stage carbon filters like the one in the BIBO Water Bar remove heavy metals, pesticides, sediments and dozens more impurities, while retaining the good minerals and fluoride.

Not only that, its purification system kills bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms using a unique ultra violet lamp that doesn’t affect the great natural taste of the water but ensures it’s 100% safe and bug-free.

That’s why in taste tests filtered water regularly tastes better than tap water.

Consumer group Choice say that tap water often has “the lingering taste and smell of disinfectant” if it hasn't been filtered. Although tap water is safe to drink, Choice reports that it can contain small amounts of pesticides, nitrates, viruses, bacteria, animal faeces and aluminium, which can affect the taste. All of them are safely removed by a BIBO Water Bar.


Purified filtered water from a BIBO Water Bar dispenser

Does bottled water taste better?

Bottled water companies spend millions trying to convince us that their water is the most delicious by using words like ‘mineral water’, ‘spring water’, ‘artisan’ and even ‘raw water’.

In fact, most bottled water is just repackaged tap water. In blind tastings, no one can tell the difference.

The ABC’s War on Waste show asked scientists to examine Australian bottled water and found it tended to be more acidic than tap water and contained fewer beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium. The study revealed that two leading bottled water brands would fail stringent tap water tests!

Another ABC report found bottled water can go off quickly and start “rotting” once it passes its sell-by date.

“Yes, bottled water can expire,” it warned. “It can go bad because it’s subject to the same aging effects as water that’s not bottled. The expiration date on bottled water is the point at which the additives will stop working and the water will become susceptible to the growth of microbes.”


Why filtered water is best for cooking

You may think it would be impossible to taste the difference between various types of water once it’s been added to food, but most chefs disagree!

Fine dining restaurants routinely use filtered water for cooking to optimise delicate flavours in sauces and soups. When you boil up pasta, it naturally takes in the flavour of the water, and that can include any chemicals present.

Filtered water also used in breadmaking as the chlorine in tap water can kill the essential microorganisms in yeast meaning loaves don’t rise or become as fluffy. The contaminants in unfiltered water also increase the alkalinity and make the bread denser and less soft.


Even our top tap water can be improved!

The best tasting Australian tap water is from Richmond Valley in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, a blind tasting organised by the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia in 2021 found.

The highest-rated water from each state went through to the national final in Hobart where the judges sloshed, sipped and sniffed them all to choose a winner.

One judge, Australian cricket selector George Bailey, said: “There was one with a touch of chlorine, I thought. One was a little bit saltier. One was quite earthy.” 

So, even the very best tap water isn’t perfect!

Luckily, the BIBO Water Bar removes chlorine, salt and sediment to leave water tasting just right.




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